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Why you should get a rug repair and reweaving today
As the years go by, your rug will begin to accumulate damages little by little. They will not be noticeable initially but with time for various reasons, the damages will begin to be prominent and you would have lost your beautiful new carpet forever. Damages will also occur as a result of a rugs first enemy, which is dust and sometimes occasional mold infestation.

To get your money’s worth on your new carpet, it is important to repair it as soon as a problem appears. If a damaged carpet is left unattended to, it can become more difficult to restore and it will surely cost more than if you had attended to it earlier on. However the extent of the repairs will depend on the kind and condition of the rug. When your in need of rug repairing and reweaving in the Long island, New York area it requires a certain local expertise which is dependent on the rugs age and value.

Rug Repair and reweaving L.I. 
Repairing your rug as soon as you discover a tear is considered extremely important most especially when dealing with antique and oriental rugs that are usually delicate and expensive. These types are handled by experts who are familiar with them and are knowledgeable about the colors, weaving, type of fabric and texture of the carpet. They will be able to do justice to the rug during repair or reweaving. It is important to get a repairer that is very skilled in handling such rug types if you have one. Antiques rugs are like art works, if they are improperly handled, they would ultimately decrease in value. They can easily fade away if absolute care is not taken, so carpets are to be handled carefully.

Reweaving rugs which is a form of rug restoration is also important in repairing rugs. It is most useful in those that have worn out patches or fabrics that have faded over the years. Your rug restoration should be done by a professional rug restorer who can help you cover holes or tears that are on the body or edges of a rug, repair piles that are wearing off as well as reweave piles that have already worn away. If you want to maintain your rugs originality, rug repairs and reweaving will keep it as good as new.

Rug repair and restoration is difficult, time consuming and costly. So deciding on whether to buy a new one or sticking with the old one can be pretty difficult. But if you know what type of rug you have, you should be able to identify what best suits it if damaged. For wool rugs or factory rugs, the first thing to look out for is their price if you are seeking professional rug repairer. You need to know which will be more financially demanding of you. Rug repair infrequently cost more than new rugs and is preferable in this situation to get a new one instead. But for oriental or antique rugs, your only worry would be how the repair will be done, by whom and where it will be done.

You can also handle your Long Island homes rug repair and restoration yourself. You know that dirty and worn out carpets pose health hazards as well reduce your home beauty and so it is necessary once in a while to take it out, wash it thoroughly and systematically as not to damage the weave and color of your carpet. Ensure it is sundried so that it doesnít begin to smell bad after sometime. Moist carpets get dirty easily and can encourage the growth of microbes.